Sky is the Limit - LEGO 92176 Saturn V Review


As a little kid I've always wanted to go to space. Even though my physical conditions probably never would've allow me to do so, I've read every book about space and space exploration I could've gotten into my hands. Suffice to say, that LEGO Saturn V was on my need-to-buy list ever since I've learned about its existence. Now, as a happy owner of one, I'd like to share my experiences from building and owning it.

The Unboxing

The LEGO 92176 Set comes in a standard IDEAS box, with all the parts separated into foil bags and a very nice assembly instruction. There is no special unboxing experience - 5/10.

The Difficulty

It is an 18+ set, and it shows. This is one of the hardest sets to build, due to its specific internal structure and the fact that is is based on a round object. 9/10

The Faithfulness

Due to a fact, that the original Saturn V rocket doesn't have too much details meant, that the LEGO team was able to bring the model close to perfection.

Overall resemblance is uncanny, 9/10

The Stickers

No Stickers! Every logo and Sign is printed on brick(s). 10/10

The Mechanics

The built rocket separates into 3 stages just as the original Saturn V. The Top stage is able to hold the miniature Apollo 11 landing unit. What more to expect?  8/10

The Playability

This is a typical build-and-put-in-a-display-case model. I can't imagine anyone trying to play with it. 5/10

The Display Value

Absolute legend, 10/10.

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