Back to the 80s - LEGO 10300 DeLorean Review

As a late 80' kid I was always fascinated by the "Back to the Future" movie franchise. I remember watching the movies over and over, and then trying to construct a time machine of my own, using the limited LEGO bricks at my disposal. I've always tried to replicate the most iconic features of the car - the upward-opening doors and the Flux Capacitor. If the kid version of me knew, that I will some day be able to build a faithful miniature of my beloved vehicle, I thing he'd lose his mind!

The Unboxing

The LEGO 1030 Set comes in a standard CREATOR EXPERT box, with all the parts separated into foil bags and a very nice assembly instruction. There is no special unboxing experience - 5/10.

The Difficulty

It is an 18+ set, but there are not too many difficult sections. The wheels mechanism is relatively simple and requires only a couple of gears and rubbers. The doors and cabin are very nice looking, but also not too complicated to build. I'd round the overall difficulty to around 7/10

The Faithfulness

The original DeLorean was a very innovative and interesting creation. As such it had/has some unusual angles and a very characteristic look. Fortunately the architects behind this model did a great jobs with figuring out clever ways to make the model look as closest to the original, as humanly possible.

The interior is nice and detailed, with the Dashboard, Time Circuits and Flux Capacitor all in there. 10/10.

The Stickers

As we all know, the times when LEGO had no stickers and, instead, delivered high quality printed bricks, are long gone. Nowadays the printed bricks are present only in the priciest sets or when a sticker appliance would not be possible/practical. Although the number of stickers in the 10300 model is not high, there are some that can be difficult to apply evenly and correctly, especially the one on the Time Circuit. 7/10

The Mechanics

There is not a whole lot of moving parts in this set. Besides the openable doors we can pop-up the hood to reveal a place for the Plutonium crate and for the Hoverboard. The coolest feature of the entire model is the ability to convert the wheels into the hover mode. Also, the Flux Capacitor is lit up with a standard Light Brick. Overall 8/10

The Playability

The construction is pretty solid and sturdy for the most part. The only section that is fragile and can be easily damaged, are the massive engine exhausts on the back, that are very easy to knock off when you're having a good time. 8/10

The Display Value

Absolute legend, 10/10.

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